Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy month

Having a lot of exams and assignments and presentations...
so for these few weeks.. i don't think i will be able to update my blog that frequently ( or maybe won't at all??)

So... see ya~
To be continued ~

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New toy -- Sony Ericsson W610

Few days ago I just bought a new phone for myself -- Sony Ericsson W610
damn... its so cool... gonna play with it for a few days before posting some review bout it
btw.. the keypad really hard and small... hurts so much for playing java games.

Stay tune~~

Monday, August 20, 2007

$2500 to be won!!!!!!!

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

20 August 2007 is the due date... so hurry up guys and post the same thing...
who knows u might be the lucky winner

Proton BWF World Championship

I must say, this is one freaking unexpected game. All the big shots are all kicked out, such as Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei, Tan Boon Hiong and Koo Kien Kiet, Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat, China's Fu Hai Feng and Cai Yun and so on.

Especially Lee Chong Wei... sigh... as a world ranking number 2 men's single player, he should have come up with a good fight when facing Indonesia's Sony Kudawan. But he lost at 21-9 and 21-11.
Disgusting result and play.

Well, however i have to admit that Sony's play with China's Lin Dan at the finals is really a tight match, some of the smashes, net shot by Sony is awesome... too bad Lin Dan still overrule him.

As for the mix double, the Indonesia pair really give the audience a nice play, they totally pawn China's mix pair, Zheng Bo and Gao Ling.

However, I didn't manage to watch the men's double play. It should be one exciting game.

By the way, here is the champion for each category:
Men's single : Lin Dan (China)
Men's double : Markis Kido and Hendra Sentiwan (Indonesia)
Woman's single: Zhu Lin (China)
Woman's double: Yang Wei and Zhang Jia Wen (China)
Mix double: Nova Widianto and Lilyana Natsir (Indonesia)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Trip To Singapore

It's been a long time since i post something... It's my midterm break, so I've been going here and there, but without pics, because i forgot to bring my digital camera along.

But now I am going to talk bout something i did last semester break. Last semester break I went to Singapore alone to find my brother. Yes alone. A bit odd. But who cares... as long as I am happy with it. Haha.

This is the wealth fountain in Suntec City. It claims that if you walk around the fountain for 1 round... You'll be blessed. Well... I walked round it once, and it just brought me once luck. I won RM250 in Genting Casino last week. Hope the blessing last long enough.

And this is the garden at the top floor of Suntec City (not sure which tower --- Suntec city is consist of 4 towers, and the wealth fountain is situated in the middle of the 4 towers) You can see it in the picture below... although I can't take all the 4 towers, I tried but failed.. -_-"

This is one unique wheel... If I am not mistaken it is near the Raffles City Shopping Complex LR T Station.

And this pineapple looking building is Singapore's Culture and Art Centre, there is some event holding inside but I don't have the chance to take some pics because I am in a rush. Sigh.

Last but not least, If you went to Singapore, how can you don't take some pictures of the statued lion spitting water out of its mouth. lol.

By the way, I am traveling alone because my brother lied to me. He told me he is free to accompany to go around Singapore. But when I bought my train ticket to Singapore, then only he told me his freaking boss gave him work. =_=". So, I have to ventured Singapore myself. Taking LRT and walk all the way under the hot sun, till my legs hurt so much, I am not able to travel for the next day. I went Singapore for 2 days only. So 1 day venture alone, 1 day leg hurt, didn't do much, just watch Ocean 13 which rox so much.

Here are some random pics that I preferred.

Dunno why I am so into macro shots.

Love the tall and high view... maybe I live in Seremban that doesn't have much tall buildings.

Always wonder how people take those pictures where sunlight shine through the leaves and trees. At last I have my own shot. :P

A little Japanese feel of Bonzai Garden at Suntec City.


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