Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harujuku Dolls Contest

Actually I've already joined this contest before Nuffnang send me an email about it. And it stated that Nuffnangers can win based on our own Nuffnang network only. That means the most voted Nuffnanger's Harajuku Doll will win the contest. Kewl~~

Anyway, when I joined this contest, I've never thought of blogging bout it... But anyway, I'll give it a brief introduction then.

Well... Hotlink is organizing a contest based on Gwen Stefani's new song --- Harajuku Girls.
It is a contest about creating your own Harajuku Dolls, dressed it up with your own style and with a nice background. Then you are in for the voting contest. Since it's a voting contest, the highest vote Harajuku Doll will be the winner. By the way here is the link. Hotlink's Harajuku Dolls

1st prize - Sony Ericsson W880i, 2x Gwen Stefani "The Sweet Escape" Tour Concert Tickets,
The Sweet Escape CD and poster plus 2000 Hotlink reward points.
2nd prize - Sony Ericsson W660i, 2x Gwen Stefani "The Sweet Escape" Tour Concert Tickets,
The Sweet Escape CD and poster plus 2000 Hotlink reward points.
3rd prize - Sony Video Walkman NW-A805W, 2x Gwen Stefani "The Sweet Escape" Tour Concert Tickets, The Sweet Escape CD and poster plus 2000 Hotlink reward points.
10 x Consolation prize - The Sweet Escape CD and poster, The Sweet Escape CD merchandise plus 500 Hotlink reward points.

I must say the prizes are really attractive. So, I myself have already entered the contest.

This is my own creation of Harajuku Doll. If you really have nothing to do and has tonnes of money to spend. Then vote for me.

Just type in GS10221 and send to 28700.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Busy weekend... and freaking exam waiting next week

It's been quite long since i update my blog
been busy for these few days... preparing myself for my exam, doing my final year project and so on... although next week is gonna be my midterm break, I don't think I'll be able to relax and have fun...

Btw.. wish me luck on Monday's exam...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Egg in my house

Last week, i found a nest build inside my hometown's house... so i take a nice pic of it.. while waiting when would it hatch.. is this a sign or what?

Then few days ago i went back my hometown, and i found it became 2 eggs!!
The bird mum must be really hardworking laying eggs... hope when i go back this week.. it wouldn't turn to 3 eggs.. haha

Btw... if eggs appear... shouldn't there be some special number for me to buy Toto of Magnum??

Thursday, July 19, 2007

To Vista or not Vista. That's a question

Hmm.. since Vista is cracked by
pirate group Pantheon, I am thinking of changing into Vista, and test the power of Vista myself. But 1 thing is I am quite of a gamer, so I am kinda afraid because of the incompatibility issue. Another thing is ram. My pc is equipped with 1GB ram... so confirm not sufficient for Vista. But the Aero glass effect and so on really attracts me... If any vista user out there got some advice that can persuade me straight format my xp and buy another 1GB ram.. come and persuade me now

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A talk by group CEO of TM

Well... I am actually from mmu mlk campus, but my friend asked me to go for the talk by Datuk Abdul Wahid Omar, current CEO of Telekom Malaysia (TM). Since i got nothing to do i drove myself up to cyberjaya campus just now.
Actually i am kinda anticipating the talk... but it turned out quite boring... the exciting part is the Q&A session... I kinda learned something from it... and btw he showed us a list about the annual payment of CEO in different fields. A CEO from investment banking can freaking earn RM 5,300,000 every year!!!!

Maybe they got "makan" a bit... hahaha...
The talk reach another climax when he is giving out a red motorola slvr as a prize.
We are required to answer 5 questions on the slides and sms to his number... too bad i don't know some of it, because i was kinda dozing off. haha
if not you might see me posing with red slvr

And by the way... the bottom pic is his leng jai pic.. lol

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

w610 or w810???

Well... gonna get a new handphone for my birthday
can't decide between w610 and w810
i have already tested both phones in the shop... and i feel like i can't get used to w610's small keypad, although i prefer w610 over w810
haihz... i did i born with big thumbs
if not i can straight go for w610 already

and btw... recently i found out there are a lot contests outside that needs a blog to take part in it.
so that is why hungryping is born.. haha

Iphone giveaway?? OMG!! My dream come true

ARGH!! Iphone my dream phone
although it is till 2008 only it will reach Asia region
but there is already a contest on iphone!!

Now let me give you the details...

Prize: Brand New 8GB Apple iPhone + Fancy iPhone Bag that it came in + Free Shipping anywhere in the world (that fedex delivers to). It’s still sealed and in pristine condition!

All you have to do to enter this contest is post about this contest in your blog or write about it somewhere on your website. Here are the linking rules:

Write a short blurb on your blog using the following links:

  • Link to MrGaryLee.com using “internet marketing” & this Post using “free iphone
  • Link to BunkersParadise.com (my new project) using the anchor text “Golf Equipment
  • Link to PinkDeals.net using the anchor text “free online coupon
  • No Duplicate Content or Forum Submissions will be counted as an entry.

Rules for Number of Entries

  • PR 0 - PR 3 Sites - 1 Entry per Post
  • PR 4 and above - 2 Entries per Post
  • Your Page Rank will be based on the PR after the next Update later this month
    Only One Post allowed per Blog - Use ixwebtool.com to check your PR

So i will start with mine...

Now only i know blogging is a new way to express our feelings and make urself famous by doing internet marketing.

For instance you can do it by giving away free iphone. Or you can advertise some famous and hot websites that is selling golf equipment or which are offering free online coupon.

Well... although is kinda short.. my passion for iphone is true!! Although i hoping i can get 1, i still wanna share this contest to those who read my blog and... if u really won it... do u mind let me have a touch?

Sweethacks.com giving out free xbox360!!

My god... can't believe there is such event in SweetHacks.
They are giving out a free xbox360 thru a series of lucky draw

Here is sort of the short list what u need to do in order to participate in this contest.

1-) Comment - 1 Ticket
2-) Grab our RSS Feed - 2 Tickets
3-) Favorite us via Technorati - 3 Tickets
4-) Review our site/Send a trackback (Linking to our main page [www.sweethacks.com] & this competition page) - 4 Tickets

5-) On top of all these, I will consider an extra ticket for every $0.50 you PAYPAL (<<>EDIT: MAXIMUM YOU MAY SEND = $5 ! You can however just donate more towards the PS3 fund (it will be for your benefit…in the near future ;) )

For more details plz visit their website. Sweethacks

Anyway.. even if i don't win, they still rox

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The new mp3 of the year -- Sony NW-E010

Well, this is my first blog, so hope my grammars doesn't make you mad.

I'm going to introduce the Sony NW-E010.

My 1st Sony mp3 player was Sony E00, well it is kinda similar to the new E010, but hell yeah... E010 is equipped with color screen.

It has three different capacities: 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. NW-E010 has a cool 3-lines colour LCD screen that displays album art as well as song information. You can search songs by artist, album, genre or recent transfer. You can also fine tune the music experience with the 5 Band equalizers (Heavy/Pop/Jazz/Unique/Custom) and listen to your favourite radio shows with the built in FM Tuner. The transferring of songs is also simple: you can simply plug the NW-E010 into your PC for direct music transfer with no need for additional cables.

But there is one thing that i don't like is, I have to sync it with Sonic Stage. Because Sonic Stage is kinda not user-friendly, and cannot read Chinese characters as I listen to a lot chinese musics.

However in terms of sound quality, I would it is one of the best in its current price range. Another amusing did by Sony is it's battery life. It takes a mere 1 hour of charging time to get the NW-E010 up and running for another 30 hours.

Wow, ain't that cool??
You must own this device if you are really into mp3, you won't regret it.


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