Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Iphone review

Haha... although I don't own Iphone, but my brother does. So, I have a chance to play with it till I bored. :P

So let me give a quick review about the Iphone.
Basically, when u first hold it and see it, it will give u the "OMG... freaking nice" feel. It is build so solid, the screen is so huge, no wonder it cause such a ruckus when it was first launched.

First is the huge touch screen. Damn!! I would never expect a phone will be equip with such a big touch screen... and is so responsive that you won't feel any lag. It makes me keep on play with it over and over again.

However, when it comes to be used as a phone, it is somehow disappointed. Let me list out a few issues of it.

1st - You can't transfer contacts from sim to phone like you usually do in ANY phone. So you have to key in everything one by one. So, think bout it when u have thousand of contacts.

2nd - No MMS (but doesn't matter to me since I don't use much MMS)

3rd - Bluetooth is only used for receiving calls. You cannot transfer file or sync with computer with bluetooth. (=_=)"

Some of the cons are already fixed by 3rd party application, such as installing ringtones into the Iphone, installing 3rd party application and games.

Next, is the thing I found most useful when using Iphone... That is its wifi paring with Safari browser.

Man... I tried before using pocket pc to online browsing website... it feels very awkward and troublesome. But when using Iphone for surfing website. It is FUN!!!!

You can zoom in and out by using your fingers, change the browser to horizontal by just rotating the phone. Everything is done merely using your fingers. This is the first time I found myself enjoy browsing website over playing games. :D

To tell the truth, for the creator of Ipod, Apple's Iphone really make me =_=" when I listen to the sound quality of the music. Well... the loudspeaker is soft and cracks when the volume is put to maximum. As for the headset music quality, it truly lets me down. The bass is not strong and the treble is somehow doesn't perform well enough.

The only thing that amuse me is the browsing of the albums when u rotate the Iphone to horizontal. You use your fingers to flip through the albums and pick the songs you like.

As for the camera, for a 1st timer of making phone, Apple did a great job. It is very decent when you take pictures under good light condition. It doesn't produce much noise. And browsing through the pictures is fun too. Zoom in and zoom out, flip through pictures with your fingers.

In a nutshell, the Iphone is quite a decent gadget. If you own it, it will let you be the center of attraction. However, it certainly lacks some features and needs some more improvement.


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