Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Port Dickson Trip

After finished my final exam, my gf and I went to Port Dickson for holiday. We stayed in Corus Paradise, which is suppose to be very nice (That's if you are staying in their hotel room). However, the apartment sucks to the max. But due to the fact that the apartment is free, I got to bear with the sucky apartment.

But the view outside the aparment is not bad.

And well... Port Dickson is quite a boring place... there is beach.. and only beach. Nothing else. The food are not much to brag about. Even the famous Lucky Restaurant's Curry Bun is not selling on that day. So no photo about foods. :P

So, since nothing to do, we went to Bayu Beach which is slightly inside to Port Dickson, located at Batu 8.

My HDR attempt on Port Dickson's sunset view

Looks cool when the rock is HDR-ed

There is one so called couple bridge near to Bayu Beach, and I've went there once. But who the hell will know that it is closed... freaking pissed when I saw the sign "Jambatan Rosak". Yikes... if Port Dickson is not that near to my hometown Seremban, for hell I will not come here.

The couple bridge on the right

Few shots from the balcony during sunset

Night shot using tripod. Shutter speed 20 seconds. lol

Port Dickson is okay if you wanna come here to enjoy the sea breeze and sunsets. But for food, you won't find anything special here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest

Now... although Hao's birthday is still 2 months awayI would like to give Hao this little thing as his present.

Panasonic Ionity Hair Straightener

You guys most be thinking... what is this for? Well... Hao sometimes complained about how curl is his "bulu"... so this little device might be what he is looking for... Although, sometimes I was thinking... which part of his bulu need straightening...

I got this idea from the Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest... which Nuffnang and Realmart organized it together. If anyone thinking of sending my Panasonic Hair Straightener as a gift, or you are looking for some other gifts... check out Realmart. You might get what you are looking for.

Working.... soon

After slacking in home for 2 months plus... at last I got an offer from Huawei. I've accepted in and going to start working on 4th August 2008.

Woot... no more nagging from parents dy.... Things starting to get busy now... have to go up to Kuala Lumpur and start searching for rooms already.

Editting some pics to be posted up soon... have to be more hardworking in blogging... because Hao will nag just like my mum.. :D

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadeje Patisserie

I first saw this shop from Jason's blog, and decided to go for a try. The shop is located at Plaza Mahkota, which is near to Mahkota Parade and Newton hawker center.

Just like Jason mentioned, Nadeje Patisserie only sells various flavors of mille crepe and drinks. No other food! So if you are planning to have a good meal, this ain't the place for you.

The environment and lightning inside is not bad. There are sofas if you want to sit on something soft rather than chairs. The only thing is their music. The music that they keep on playing sounds funny to me. It was like playing the same song over and over again but in different languages.

I ordered 2 pieces of Mille Crepe. One which is original and the other one is Chocolate flavor.

Mille Crepe original flavor

The original flavor more towards creamy type. But the cream is not too sweet, just at the right spot. The layers give a sense of unique feel when you bite it. A must try for cake lovers.

Mille Crepe Chocolate flavor

The chocolate flavor is quite similar to original. But its cover with a slight... and it is a very slight taste of chocolate.

Overall the cake is quite good. For me, I will be going back for a second try.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Canon The World Of EOS Roadshow

So, on 1st of June I went to KLCC to attend Canon The World of EOS Roadshow. This roadshow is to promote their new entry DSLR Canon 450D which hao is so proud of. Other than that they are exhibiting Canon 600mm L lens. OMG... attached with 1DMarkIII. It makes me feel like my 400D is a puny toy :S.

There are a few talks about photography which is not that useful (they just show pictures they shot and describe about it nia), and some exhibitions of their shots. And of course there must be booths that promote their Canon cameras.

And there is Farenheit who came to promote Canon's camera... Erm.. well I'm not a fan of them and I am not willing to squeeze inside their hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee crowd of fans, equipped with high pitch cheers... So no pics of them :P

Eventually I'm waiting for the model fashion show which is after Farenheit's apperance.

Hao you should be proud... that's a hugeeeeeeee 450D banner

Model with L lens... and that should be Canon 1D MarkIII

Quite like this model, purposely posed a lot at my side, and she looks cool to :D

And due to my lousy skills... I shot around 400+ shots, and these are the few ones that I prefer.
Others are blurred out or overexposed... Really have to learn more on model shot shooting already.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Short photo session in MMU

It's been 5 years since I came to Multimedia University(MMU), and it feels sad to leave here now. So, 4 of us, Kim Fei, Hao, Jian and me decided to go around our campus and shoot some photos for memories.


Kim Fei


Some random pics around my campus. Really brings back a lot of memories.

CLC, most of my lectures are held here.

Monument at MMU President Square

The staircase which I often used to look for my FYP supervisor.

Of course... Hao must polish his taking upskirt pic skills hahaha

Thats all... adioz MMU...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new journey

Sorry for the long disappear.... Been busy studying for my finals exam.. and today is the last day. Felt so relieved and weird at the same time. Felt a bit lost for I am not sure what scope of engineer I will be going to do.

But as for now... I will rest and relax, and keep posting some of my noob shots from my 400D. Stay tune...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At last something from Nokia that gives me a "So Damn Nice" impression

I used to be a Nokia die-hard fan.. love their features and user friendly interface. But I found out that... Nokia's design is getting bored and look like its for old folks to use. LOL

But when I saw this news in GSMArena, I was really shocked! WAH!!! wtf... Nokia at last put some effort on their design.

Let me present you Nokia 6600 Fold:

Nokia 6600 Fold is a 3G phone and it supports quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE as well. It uses Nokia Symbian series 40 user interface and supports microSD up to 4GB.

The Nokia 6600 Fold offers a one-click electromagnetic opening mechanism with dampened hinge for smooth motion. It also comes with glossy surface just like Sony Ericsson's Z610... I always drool for glossy surfaces XD.

The Nokia 6600 fold has a QVGA 2.13-inch 16M color OLED display and a 2 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash. Woot!! As usual Nokia satisfy my needs with a superb display with 16 Million colors!!

These are some functions that this phones has.
Quoted from
"Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, a double tap on the Nokia 6600 slide can snooze an alert, silence or reject a call or simply wake up the hidden external 128 x 160 pixel display in order to visualize the clock. The Nokia Arte had a similar functionality but there it was limited to only displaying the clock."

Wow... thats something unusual.. but until I get to play the phone on the spot.. I will still doubt its sensitivity.

Next is the Nokia 6600 Slide (hurm... Nokia is coming out models with same number but just differentiate them by adding Slides, Fold huh?)

The Nokia 6600 slide is operating on Series 40 user interface and has a whooping QVGA 2.2-inch 16M color TFT display. A 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera is found on it and it records video at VGA resolution, 15fps (in 3GP format).

It also has FM radios and dedicated music keys. It is a quad band phone and supports UMTS video calls as well.

Nokia 6600 Slides features the double tap function just like the Nokia 6600 Fold.

The last one is Nokia 3600 Slide:

Nokia 3600 Slide is covered with glossy surface and features function just like the 6600 slide: 3.2Mpx autofocus camera with video recording capability with VGA MPEG4 videos at 15fps.

The difference is that the 3600 Slide does not have the double tap function and it is only a quad band phone. That means video call will not be available on this phone.

However 3600 Slides is the 1st Nokia phone to feature
Background Noise Cancellation for superior sound quality. This function is common on Samsung and Motorola phones but this is the 1st for Nokia.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random shots from 400D

Tested some shots with my 400D after I bought it few weeks ago. Sorry for the blurness of some pics... the light is so dim... and my skills are still noob... most of the pics cannot use... how i wish i got the 50mm f1.8 .. =_="

Hao (Left), Jian and Hungwei (Right)

Hungwei (Left), Kimfei (Right), and little hungwei in kimfei's 450D

Some random shots I took...

Antique SLR from my dad

Random flower at my house

Sorry for the blur... but still i love the light

Random flower at MP

Nothing special bout this one... but but... i got lightning in the pic

Sunset... but seems like it is lacking something

Saturday, April 19, 2008

woot.... new toy!!

bwahahah.... after a long time thinking and planning... at last i got my 1st dslr... da Canon 400D!!!
hehee..... went up to sungei wang with 3 other friends...2 of them, hao and kimfei got a Canon 450d (drooling....), while me and jian got Canon 400D

really syok.. fattien came along to bring us around and survey for the price... 1st time meeting him.. very friendly and nice fella... too bad he had to go back for work after that

Later, hungwei came to sungei wang for fashion show... but before that he stop by at the shop to meet up with us... Went for Teh tarik session after that... and there is when we all kisiao by molesting our own dslr... muahahah... and got some tips and tricks by hungwei.

For the time being... I'll be so busy... busy playing with my new toy hahaha.... Will update some pics asap... till then..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Freaking busy and frustrated

Last week's my midterm break, but I used all my holiday time to do my assignment. And I can't even make it to run. For god sake's, what kind of question is that... I almost got my head exploded.

Luckily, the last minute "someone" give me some help, making my life feels so much better. Next week will be another tough week, if I manage to finish part of my FYP, I'll think of rewarding myself with something good and expensive... hehe

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mahathir's son - Mukhriz causing a big fuss

Well... well... Mahathir (our Malaysia's ex Prime Minister) lovely son - Mukhriz Mohathir causes a big fuss few days ago. He wrote a letter to current PM Abdullah Badawi and ask him to step down from being Prime Minister after the big loss at the 12th Malaysia Election.

When I first saw this... it looks familiar to me. And then suddenly I remembered, his dad, did the same thing to our first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman. Haha what a coincidence!

It makes me wonder... what is he doing this for? To gain fame within the Malaysians? But before that, I am sure... he will be getting some great punishments... might be expelled from UMNO as well.. but... everyone have to bear the consequences of the actions that they made. Below is his leng jai face.

This election surely causes a "tsunami" in Malaysia, let it be political or economical. The drop of 130 points in KLCI, Mikhriz's letter, Penang UMNO stupid actions for halting mega projects, 2 appointed to be Perlis's MB, Lim Kit Siang boycotting swearing ceremony of MB Perak... Woot...

I am waiting to see what else will happen.... :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

This is how democracy work in Malaysia...

All these happen when DAP (the opposition) won the seats in Penang and become the state government. Then... what happens next is State Umno liaison committee secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim had told a press conference on Thursday that the state Umno would “persuade” the Federal Government to scrap all the mega projects in the state as “Penangites did not want development.” (taken from TheStar)

Oh now i see... when the BN loses, they can try and boycott everything, stopping those mega projects that will benefit Malaysians and bring a better future for all of us. He even mentioned that they are not avenging for their lost of ALL theirs seats in Penang, its just that people of Penang chose to let the opposition rule.

And WTF is that?? Even kids with tiny little brains know that this is avenging.. toying around with our future??

UMNO Penang... i give u "_|_"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Starting of a busy week... and after that too

Dammit... week 7 of my semester... still got 2 more assignments and my freaking FYP dangling around. My idiotic supervisor keeps on change my circuit, ,making me can't finish it on time as i planned. What a moron....

Btw, I am currently so addicted to photography now.. thinking of getting either Canon 350D/400D or Sony A200. Hmm... which 1 is better?? I have no idea... Maybe scout around and test more before I decide. Because if I going to buy 1, it will certainly burn a big hole in my wallet.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

shit... i feel like so 败家

Since last few months, I started to grow interest towards photography... but... to buy a DSLR with good lenses cost a bomb... at least RM2.5k. Haih... still doubt whether wanna buy and start shooting or not....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Presentation after away from MMU for a long time

Back from training and Chinese New Year.. but still I am lazy as usual. Tomorrow is presentation time, but still I am playing games and writing blog. LOL WTF.

Heard a friend said he got screwed upside down by the examiner. Make me panic a bit already.
Haih... have to restudy back the report 1st. In case the examiner got haywire and screw me for no reason

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sharp 904sh unlocked!!!

Since Iphone was announced, hackers outside tried so hard to unlock it so that it will be able to use on other networks. Hence PSS sim and Hypersim cameout.

But that is not all... handphone users out there tried hypersim and pss with Sharp 904sh, which before that is unlockable... and it works!!!

All the functions are usable except GPRS and MMS. Well for me those 2 functions does not matter at all!

Taken from Akirahabanews
Vodafone has announced the arrival of their 904SH, their first (non WM5) 3G and GSM phone that has a VGA 640x480 and 2.4" screen. It also has an 3.2MP AutoFocus camera, 3D Surround and a MiniSD slot, but that's rather normal nowadays. The benefits of this device are the recognition service that takes away the need of a PIN number (similar to the technique from Omron already described here as it recognizes your face thanks to an OKI Face Recognition Sensor. You also get a "Motion Sensor" that allows you to use your phone in a similar way to the Nintendo Revolution controller (we talked about this technique before, you use the phone like a golf club). with Bluetooth enabled on 2 similar phones and a fighting game, you can pull a Darth Vader on your opponent. There's also a Java Messenger-clone... and, oh yes, you can also make calls with it

Woot.... a VGA resolution display with 2.4 inches!! Damn... planning to get this phone ASAP...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Nothing much to say now... just pics

Random statue in Night Safari Singapore

This statue represents peace. But I still can't figure it out :P

Just love the colors in this picture

Bout this pic... a few of my friends thought this is a toilet bowl... (=_=)"
What do you think??

Yeah yeah... a Christmas tree with lights... nothing to brag about

This blue light trail... I just so fond of it

A dim light in total darkness... kinda show how I felt for the last year.


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