Friday, June 6, 2008

Canon The World Of EOS Roadshow

So, on 1st of June I went to KLCC to attend Canon The World of EOS Roadshow. This roadshow is to promote their new entry DSLR Canon 450D which hao is so proud of. Other than that they are exhibiting Canon 600mm L lens. OMG... attached with 1DMarkIII. It makes me feel like my 400D is a puny toy :S.

There are a few talks about photography which is not that useful (they just show pictures they shot and describe about it nia), and some exhibitions of their shots. And of course there must be booths that promote their Canon cameras.

And there is Farenheit who came to promote Canon's camera... Erm.. well I'm not a fan of them and I am not willing to squeeze inside their hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee crowd of fans, equipped with high pitch cheers... So no pics of them :P

Eventually I'm waiting for the model fashion show which is after Farenheit's apperance.

Hao you should be proud... that's a hugeeeeeeee 450D banner

Model with L lens... and that should be Canon 1D MarkIII

Quite like this model, purposely posed a lot at my side, and she looks cool to :D

And due to my lousy skills... I shot around 400+ shots, and these are the few ones that I prefer.
Others are blurred out or overexposed... Really have to learn more on model shot shooting already.


robin said...

Ahhh yet another great event that I have missed out...

But then again, going there with my olympus would have gotten me killed in those canon obsessed crowd...

LOL !!

Hungry Ping said...

haha won't.. saw alot other brands there as well..
Nikon, Sony, Olympus
you wont't be alone hehe


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