Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Port Dickson Trip

After finished my final exam, my gf and I went to Port Dickson for holiday. We stayed in Corus Paradise, which is suppose to be very nice (That's if you are staying in their hotel room). However, the apartment sucks to the max. But due to the fact that the apartment is free, I got to bear with the sucky apartment.

But the view outside the aparment is not bad.

And well... Port Dickson is quite a boring place... there is beach.. and only beach. Nothing else. The food are not much to brag about. Even the famous Lucky Restaurant's Curry Bun is not selling on that day. So no photo about foods. :P

So, since nothing to do, we went to Bayu Beach which is slightly inside to Port Dickson, located at Batu 8.

My HDR attempt on Port Dickson's sunset view

Looks cool when the rock is HDR-ed

There is one so called couple bridge near to Bayu Beach, and I've went there once. But who the hell will know that it is closed... freaking pissed when I saw the sign "Jambatan Rosak". Yikes... if Port Dickson is not that near to my hometown Seremban, for hell I will not come here.

The couple bridge on the right

Few shots from the balcony during sunset

Night shot using tripod. Shutter speed 20 seconds. lol

Port Dickson is okay if you wanna come here to enjoy the sea breeze and sunsets. But for food, you won't find anything special here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest

Now... although Hao's birthday is still 2 months awayI would like to give Hao this little thing as his present.

Panasonic Ionity Hair Straightener

You guys most be thinking... what is this for? Well... Hao sometimes complained about how curl is his "bulu"... so this little device might be what he is looking for... Although, sometimes I was thinking... which part of his bulu need straightening...

I got this idea from the Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest... which Nuffnang and Realmart organized it together. If anyone thinking of sending my Panasonic Hair Straightener as a gift, or you are looking for some other gifts... check out Realmart. You might get what you are looking for.

Working.... soon

After slacking in home for 2 months plus... at last I got an offer from Huawei. I've accepted in and going to start working on 4th August 2008.

Woot... no more nagging from parents dy.... Things starting to get busy now... have to go up to Kuala Lumpur and start searching for rooms already.

Editting some pics to be posted up soon... have to be more hardworking in blogging... because Hao will nag just like my mum.. :D

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadeje Patisserie

I first saw this shop from Jason's blog, and decided to go for a try. The shop is located at Plaza Mahkota, which is near to Mahkota Parade and Newton hawker center.

Just like Jason mentioned, Nadeje Patisserie only sells various flavors of mille crepe and drinks. No other food! So if you are planning to have a good meal, this ain't the place for you.

The environment and lightning inside is not bad. There are sofas if you want to sit on something soft rather than chairs. The only thing is their music. The music that they keep on playing sounds funny to me. It was like playing the same song over and over again but in different languages.

I ordered 2 pieces of Mille Crepe. One which is original and the other one is Chocolate flavor.

Mille Crepe original flavor

The original flavor more towards creamy type. But the cream is not too sweet, just at the right spot. The layers give a sense of unique feel when you bite it. A must try for cake lovers.

Mille Crepe Chocolate flavor

The chocolate flavor is quite similar to original. But its cover with a slight... and it is a very slight taste of chocolate.

Overall the cake is quite good. For me, I will be going back for a second try.


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