Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadeje Patisserie

I first saw this shop from Jason's blog, and decided to go for a try. The shop is located at Plaza Mahkota, which is near to Mahkota Parade and Newton hawker center.

Just like Jason mentioned, Nadeje Patisserie only sells various flavors of mille crepe and drinks. No other food! So if you are planning to have a good meal, this ain't the place for you.

The environment and lightning inside is not bad. There are sofas if you want to sit on something soft rather than chairs. The only thing is their music. The music that they keep on playing sounds funny to me. It was like playing the same song over and over again but in different languages.

I ordered 2 pieces of Mille Crepe. One which is original and the other one is Chocolate flavor.

Mille Crepe original flavor

The original flavor more towards creamy type. But the cream is not too sweet, just at the right spot. The layers give a sense of unique feel when you bite it. A must try for cake lovers.

Mille Crepe Chocolate flavor

The chocolate flavor is quite similar to original. But its cover with a slight... and it is a very slight taste of chocolate.

Overall the cake is quite good. For me, I will be going back for a second try.

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