Monday, January 21, 2008

Sharp 904sh unlocked!!!

Since Iphone was announced, hackers outside tried so hard to unlock it so that it will be able to use on other networks. Hence PSS sim and Hypersim cameout.

But that is not all... handphone users out there tried hypersim and pss with Sharp 904sh, which before that is unlockable... and it works!!!

All the functions are usable except GPRS and MMS. Well for me those 2 functions does not matter at all!

Taken from Akirahabanews
Vodafone has announced the arrival of their 904SH, their first (non WM5) 3G and GSM phone that has a VGA 640x480 and 2.4" screen. It also has an 3.2MP AutoFocus camera, 3D Surround and a MiniSD slot, but that's rather normal nowadays. The benefits of this device are the recognition service that takes away the need of a PIN number (similar to the technique from Omron already described here as it recognizes your face thanks to an OKI Face Recognition Sensor. You also get a "Motion Sensor" that allows you to use your phone in a similar way to the Nintendo Revolution controller (we talked about this technique before, you use the phone like a golf club). with Bluetooth enabled on 2 similar phones and a fighting game, you can pull a Darth Vader on your opponent. There's also a Java Messenger-clone... and, oh yes, you can also make calls with it

Woot.... a VGA resolution display with 2.4 inches!! Damn... planning to get this phone ASAP...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Nothing much to say now... just pics

Random statue in Night Safari Singapore

This statue represents peace. But I still can't figure it out :P

Just love the colors in this picture

Bout this pic... a few of my friends thought this is a toilet bowl... (=_=)"
What do you think??

Yeah yeah... a Christmas tree with lights... nothing to brag about

This blue light trail... I just so fond of it

A dim light in total darkness... kinda show how I felt for the last year.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great impact

Just saw her pic with a friend... after so long didn't see her... Just a glimpse of her in the picture give me such a great impact.

I think if only i die ... then my brain will stop thinking... but still... although it hurts... it just hurt a little while. Hope I can stand firm on my decision.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A new year, a new me with different view

Disappeared for so long dy, don't feel like blogging for the past few months. Just within this few months, so many things happened, all bad news, it just sux big time.

Found out that the person that u trusted most make a fool out of u. Playing u around like an asshole for almost 1 year. It makes me wonder so much, can human kind fall till that low? A friendship that build for so long can be broke and betrayed that easily. And 1 thing for sure, money really matters. U cannot even talk loud when u don't have any cash in your pocket. The old naive me realized that, and decided money is my priority starting that day I knew the truth onwards.

Disappoint me so much... It makes 2007 the worst year of my life. But still life goes on. There is a Chinese saying, "wear specs and understand a person". It is so damn true, and I have to learn more on how to judge people.

Other than my emotion going up and down, many things happened too. Grew interest towards photography, planning to save for a entry DSLR soon. Sold of my W610 that i bought few months ago, and went Singapore the second time to count down. Will post some of the pics when I am free.

Btw, I am training right now. but it really makes me feel i train for nothing. I am just an observer there, going out for tea break, go back home early. I feel I am more worthless than I am in MMU watching series, anime and gaming. LOL!

Next post will be pure photos and only photos. Have to rush my ITP report right now. Ciaoz..~!!


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