Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No Iphone for me

Man... my bro didn't buy 1 for me... but instead only for himself...
haihz... have to blame myself la... didn't quickly ask him buy when he called me

but this weekend going back to play with it... and gonna post some pics here too
so.. stay tune.

By the way.. tomorrow is my presentation... still preparing how to present it.. hoping i can last for around 15mins.

Argh... no iphone for me... dulan

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Iphone 8gb version price dropped... unlocked too

Apple CEO director Steve Job announced the price drop of iphone. 4Gb version to USD 299 and 8Gb version to USD 399... omg.... drop as much as USD 200!!
Those who bought it 1st hand now sure very "kek sim", punching their own chest.

Btw, hackers already successfully unlocked iphone!! That means, it can be used in other area... Malaysia too!!
Here is some pics of the unlocked version. (Taken from here)

Noticed the top left corner?? DIGI!!!!

Since the price has dropped to USD 399 plus tax = approx. USD 440, after converting back.. it is RM 1800++...
Hmm... now thinking whether wanna ask my bro to buy back from Los Angeles... he gonna back to Malaysia soon in a few days...
argH!!! why this news have to happen when I am busying with my freaking FYP presentation

Damn... anyway... good luck to all those presenting!


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